Make Money Creating Unfalsifiable Payment Rules For Content Creators

I’m a simple man. I like falsifiable claims when it comes down to transactional relationships.

I pay YouTube $12 a month for an ad free experience, and YouTube automatically updates my account to free my time up.

I pay $5 a month to be able to read unlimited articles, and some undisclosed, unfalsifiable process of reader engagement algorithms will pay me for the trouble of elucidating the world.

The problem arises, when you interact with these platforms as a content creator. You are at the mercy of arbitrary rules.

I don’t like arbitrary rules. I want to know that if I have a friend read my article, I can guarantee I will earn $X, or some percentage of their subscription fee.

From the FAQs for the Medium Partner Program

In addition, part of each member’s subscription is distributed in proportion to their reading time every month. So if a member spent 10% of their time reading your story, you’d receive 10% of their revenue share.”

So, the payment structure is partially verifiable, but not 100%. But that’s where my gripe is. My gripe is I want everything to be 100% transparent, and independently testable.

I want my experience as a consumer and producer of digital goods to match.

A Moralizing Rant: No Solutions, Only Tradeoffs



Greedy Capitalist Bastard

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